Closet Concierge by Designer Swap

We here at Designer Swap are excited to introduce to you our new service which we will now be offering to everyone within the Greater Toronto Area. We understand that the thought of cleaning and organizing your closet can be overwhelming and sometimes outright frightening. But no need to worry, as we have assembled a(…)

Outfit Of The Day: Featuring The Hermès Birkin Bag Summer Look

We’re extremely honoured and super excited to be featured in a bilingual English & Vietnamese fashion magazine called Vietsun. We had been given the opportunity to write a little bio about ourselves along with our favourite summer fashion styling tips. Below is a little sneak peek of the two-page article spread… About Us Anh and(…)

Top 20 Fashion Tips and Tricks

We all have our own personal fashion tips and tricks that we swear by, some may work for others and some not so much. There’s this one in particular which I really don’t understand and that is – why can we not wear white after Labour Day?! Seriously, if this was a big “NO-NO” in(…)

Outfit Of The Day: Featuring Our LV Cherry Bucket Bag

You may think this LV bucket bag has an awkward shape, but it fits everything that you’re not able to fit within a smaller-structured bag. What we love most about it, is how roomy and practical the bag is without having to dig too deep when you’re looking for something. The only downfall – an(…)

Top 5 Summer Fashion Faux Pas

Not sure what it is, but as soon as the weather starts to warm up it seems like people on the streets are being more carefree as to what they wear. There’s nothing wrong with that since we only have so little months of summer to show off our wardrobe. However, dressing inappropriately and messy(…)