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5 Tips to Revamp Your Wardrobe This Winter

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Jacqueline Gubiani

Do you wake up and feel like you have nothing to wear? Do you open your closet doors only to find none of your clothes remotely interesting? If you feel uninspired by what it’s in your closet this winter, the five tips below will help you revamp your wardrobe.

1. Step Inside Your Closet

Your wardrobe may already have everything you need—you just can’t find it. If your closet is a misshapen mess of half-folded pants and tops falling off hangers, it’s time to put them back in an orderly fashion.

A simple starting point involves coordinating your closet by what’s in it. Divide your closet into sections, arranging shirts, skirts, and pants into individual parts. Items such as jeans and sweaters can be stored in folded piles on the top shelf. Clean the clutter and create more floor space by putting shoes on a shoe rack.

You can even hire help to get your closet into shape. Our style experts at Designer Swap offer closet organization services to help clients bring their closet back to an organized state.

2. Use the Hanger Trick

For those of us who have trouble deciding what garments spark joy, or constantly tug at that one shirt swearing we’ll wear it but never do, flipping your hangers makes it easy to decide what to keep and what to get rid of.

Turn all of your hangers so they face one direction. When you pull a garment out over the next couple weeks, put the hanger back so it faces the opposite direction. Any hangers still facing the original direction signal you don’t wear those clothes—they’re simply taking up space. You can now safely rid your closet of those items.

3. Take Outfit Polaroids

It’s helpful to see what’s in your closet when you’re holding it in your hands. Pull out your clothes and arrange them in potential outfits. Take a picture of each outfit you create, and keep the stack of photos nearby, in a pile by your dresser or on your desk.

When you’re stumped as to what to wear one day, grab your Polaroids for inspiration. You’ll find something to wear in no time.

4. Create a Capsule Wardrobe

Like its name suggests, a capsule wardrobe encompasses just the bare necessities—base items that can be worn with anything and never go out of fashion. Black and white tank tops and t-shirts, trusty blue jeans, fitted blazers, and pencil skirts are just a few examples.

You can then augment these wardrobe staples with seasonal pieces, incorporating this decade’s trends, like snakeskin-printed boots with black jeans or a puffy sleeved-blouse with tapered trousers, with timeless attire.

5. Host a Clothing Swap

You’ve no doubt stretched your bank account thin over the holidays. An easy way to freshen up your closet—without spending any money—is to host a clothing swap.

Ask your friends to collect gently loved garments they no longer wear. On the night of the swap, everyone takes turns viewing what items are up for grabs. Any leftover clothing can be donated or sold on designer resale websites. You never know what items will be given a second life! 

What’s your go-to trick for updating your wardrobe? Let us know in the comments!

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Images courtesy: unsplash.com, Jacqueline Gubiani

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