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Colour of Fall 2019: Green

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Jacqueline Gubiani

It’s already been hailed as an upcoming fall trend, so it just makes sense that green is this season’s shade du jour.

Green with Envy

The colours outside are changing, and what better way to suggest autumn flora than with deep greens reminiscent of dark woods. 

Pantone’s Eden and Forest Biome encompass the wearer in cool shades, which remain fresh despite their darkness. The stately forest green branches out from the classic blacks, browns, and navys commonly worn this time of year. 

Lighter shades of green are coincidentally food based. The nutty pistachio was a hot favourite, and when worn head to toe, it puts a modern and refreshing spin on the fall wardrobe. Dried sage is soft and easy to style, whether on a pair of trousers or crew neck sweater. 

The austere olive evokes utilitarian feels yet is neutral enough to match with other colours. Everyone’s favourite fruit and extra topping proved it belongs on more than tacos and toast. Guacamole, which was featured in Burberry’s collection, presented a colourful life on its models and clothes.

Finally, in line with the neon trend, chartreuse blinded us in the best way possible. A chartreuse turtleneck brings bright class and creates a serious statement.

Who’s Wearing It

Miuccia Prada brought it to both Prada and Miu Miu’s collections, incorporating it into the camo print. John Elliot used green in his militaristic streetwear looks, including bombers, slacks, and trenches.

Dior’s Eden made a runway appearance on its own, in coats and skirts or was paired underneath black shawls.

The vivid chartreuse was seen in Vivienne Westwood and Versace collections—par for the course for these eccentric designers.

How We’re Wearing It

The variety of shades and designers who incorporated it into their collections made it easy to style this season’s must-wear colour, and it can be paired with everything from jackets to accessories.

Consider how well this Aphorism fringe bag, one of many used luxury handbags for resale at Designer Swap, would match with an Eden green blazer. Its tan suede is a perfect compliment.


There’s no need to be green with envy. Add the intense hue to your wardrobe this season.

Will you be wearing any green pieces this fall? Let us know in the comments!

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