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Colour of Winter 2019: Purple

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Jacqueline Gubiani

Purple may have been formerly viewed as a polarizing colour, but it’s since staged a triumphant comeback. From dresses to coats, sweaters and hats, this colour cropped up in many designer shows.

If you’re looking for fall and winter shades that aren’t basic, consider purple your new hue.

The Colour Purple

The F/W 2019 runways were filled with many shades of this violet hue, ranging from pale lilac and lavender at Tom Ford to fruity grape at Kate Spade. Designers ensured this shade and its variations were part of their collection.


From soft and light to moody and deep, purple gives the wearer plenty to choose from depending on their mood. Grape is a subdued, unique hue with a cooling visual that’s neither too dark nor light. This accent hue plays well with neutral and grey shades.

Deep purple compliments imperial steel blue—a natural fit during the cold winter season. It’s dark, deep, reassuring, and adds a royal touch, which looks great in button up jackets and dresses. While pastel lavender feels more appropriate for spring, it becomes an instant winter colour when mixed with grey and blue. 

How to Wear It

Purple is more versatile than you think, and how rich of a shade you choose is up to you.

You can use it in a pattern—purple snakeskin is a surprising twist on this classic animal print. Lilac offsets the stark white in snow while subtly standing out from the season’s normally dark shades.

You can sport a monochromatic look, ensuring it’s the standout colour in a bold pantsuit with accessories that complete the look. Second hand designer bags pair seamlessly a purple ensemble. This Marc Jacobs cream chain shoulder bag, with its gold chain strap and leather exterior, is the perfect accessory against a royal purple wool coat.

Will you add purple to your winter wardrobe? Let us know in the comments!

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