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Consignor Terms


We would like our Consignors to be well informed. It is important that you take a moment to read this agreement thoroughly and agree to all policies to consigning with Designer Swap.


Consignor agrees to leave merchandise with Consignee for a period of 120 days from the day that the items are launched online. Once the merchandise is received, the process can take up to 1-2 weeks for the authentication, pricing and upload onto the site.

Consignor cannot retrieve the merchandise under 4 conditions:

1. After signing of this agreement until the end of the Consignment period has been reached
2. If the merchandise is currently on hold
3. If a buyer had placed a deposit on the merchandise
4. During a sales transaction

All Merchandise that is not sold at the end of the consignment period, the Consignee will contact the Consignor to re-evaluate the contract. When both parties are re-evaluating the contract, the Consignor has 3 options:

1. Pick-up merchandise
2. Reduce the prices by 50% and extend the contract term by 60 days
3. Donate merchandise

If the Consignor does not respond or pick up or arrange shipment of their returned items within 7 days after the expired term, the item will then belong to Designer Swap. We will have the rights to re-post the item at a discounted price and/or donate it.

If the Consignor decides to remove the merchandise, the Consignor takes responsibility for any delivery costs that may result from such removal.

Merchandise is left with the Consignee at the Consignor’s risk.

Consignee is not responsible for damages incurred beyond Consignee’s control i.e. Fire, theft or shoplifting, etc.


There is an early cancellation fee of this Agreement for a total amount of $50 once the Consignee receives the items. However, Consignee may terminate this Agreement at any time and for any reason by returning to Consignor all of the unsold property which is the subject of this Agreement. The Consignee may terminate this Agreement at any time and for any reason, but such termination will not affect the agreement regarding items of property already sold.


Once the item is sold, the Consignee will send the Consignor an email notification when to expect a payment and the total amount at the END OF THE MONTH. We do not inform Consignors when an item has sold prior to the end of the month due to the 7-day return policy.

Consignors that live within the GTA will receive an email transfer or cash pick-up at Takla Alterations & Embroidery 1900 Dundas Street West unit #20, Mississauga ON L5K1P9. The Consignor must present I.D. & sign a receipt.

Once the Consignee email transfer the payment to the Consignor at the end of the month, the Consignor has 48hrs to accept it before it expires. Otherwise, the Consignee will not resend the payment.

Consignors that live outside of the GTA will receive a cheque at the end of the month.

Address changes must be made 10 days prior to the end date of your contract to ensure proper mail delivery.

If you do not receive your cheque for any reason you are responsible to pay a $25 stop payment fee in order to have a new cheque re-issued.


The Consignee agrees to sell merchandise and will not take less than the price set at the time of consignment period without informing the Consignor.

For special request, Consignor may put a-Priced Protection on their item, meaning they will not be discounted.

Consignee will contact the Consignor with any buyer’s inquiries on an offer by offer basis via email or text.


Consignee reserves the right to confiscate counterfeit items as well as assist police authorities of suspected illegal trade of merchandise received from Consignor. The Consignor must pay for the authentication process for each item of $20.

All new Consignors must present I.D. to the Consignee for record and authentication purposes.


The split agreement of the selling price will be 60/40% (Higher percentage goes to the Consigner).


Consignee will set the pricing for merchandise.

Consignee will send an email to the Consignor an inventory pricing and tracker sheet. The Consignor will send back an email approval of the pricing or any adjustments.

There is a column under “listed fee”, which will cover the shipping cost (US & Canada). Items that are small will have an additional $20 added on top of the “DS Selling Price” and larger items will have an additional $30. The Consignor does not get paid for the shipping fee.

When reviewing the inventory tracker sheet, consignors must check off the following for each item:

  • Price protected – agreement in which the seller does not want to accept offers and the price of the item is firm
  • Layaway plans accepted – agreement in which the seller (Designer Swap) reserves an item for a buyer until the buyer completes all the payments necessary to pay for that item (please note, the buyer will have 4 weeks to pay the full balance)
  • Offers accepted – agreement in which the buyer is willing to accept offers for the item


When discussing prices, Consignee will only discuss DS selling prices.

All communication must be done via email or text messaging. Any adjustments, changes or negotiations discussed via phone, a confirmation email or text must be sent after.


We accept gently used handbags free of significant defects such as excessive wear, tears, cigarette odor, soiling, or broken hardware. We are not able to accept items with missing or illegible serial numbers/date codes. If an item has been repaired or re-dyed, it must have been done so at a factory authorized repair center.

We are no longer accepting designer clothing at this time.
We apologize for the inconvenience. All designer clothing in our current inventory was accepted prior to the pandemic.

We accept new shoes or shoes worn on only a few occasions. They should be free of any defects.

Jewelry, Watches & Accessories:
We accept jewelry free of significant defects such as excessive wear, missing stones, or broken parts. We are not able to accept items with missing or illegible serial numbers/hallmarks. Watches must be in working order.


The Consignee may not use Consignor’s name or other identifying information in the advertising, promotion, and sale of the consigned property unless written permission is granted by Consignor.

Consignor cannot use Consignee’s photographs and description for any selling purposes outside of Designer Swap.

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