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Halloween 2019 Outfit Ideas Using These 6 Wardrobe Items

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Jacqueline Gubiani

Are you still deciding what to be for Halloween this year? Whether you left your costume for the last minute or made the snap decision to dress up after all, we’ve got you covered with six easy costume ideas below.

A navy blazer

An airline stewardess is a surprisingly easy costume to put together last minute—most of us have blazers and skirts as staples in our work wardrobes. A navy blazer and skirt paired with a white blouse underneath makes the flight attendant costume an instantly recognizable look.

Complete the costume with a printed ascot around your neck and you’re ready for take-off.

A pair of overalls

Despicable Me’s minions really stole the show—and our hearts—and since their big screen debut, they’ve inspired many to dress up as one for Halloween.

Using a pair of overalls as your starting point, scour you’re wardrobe next for a yellow shirt and sneakers. Add round glasses (easier done if you already wear frames) and you’ve got a cute, pop culture Halloween costume.

A striped shirt

If you’re dressing up as a bank robber, the only thing you have to rob is your closet, and fortunately, black jeans and striped shirts are wardrobe staples we wear on the regular.

Additional accessories could include a black toque or a bag filled with—presumably—cash.

A white tank top

Mean Girls may not have made fetch happen, but it did make ruined tank tops a hilariously iconic wardrobe statement. We all remember the scene where Regina George walks out of the changeroom with her purple bra clearly visible underneath her tank top.

If you have a white tank top you don’t mind cutting up, take a pair of scissors to the chest, then slip it over a purple bra and wear a black skirt. You can’t help it that you’re popular.

A party dress

The party animal costume requires three pieces: a fun dress, a pair of heels, and animal ears. While we’d be surprised if you have animal ears in your closet all year long, it wouldn’t faze us you to know you have heels and a party dress.

There are no rules here—simply throw on put on your favourite party dress and head out for Halloween festivities. Resale designer clothing, like this fitted mini For Love and Lemons dress, is perfect for any party animal. Its nude underlay and red lace make it a great match to this costume.


A black turtleneck

Margo Robbie in Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood reignited Sharon Tate’s famous sixties look. While you may not have easy access to a pair of thigh high white boots, a black turtleneck and mini skirt are items likely in your wardrobe.

If you don’t have the exact colours for this, consider dressing up as a general sixties pixie and pair any colour mini skirt and turtleneck with thigh high boots.

You have everything you need to put together a great costume—just look in your closet!

What are you dressing up as this Halloween? Let us know in the comments!

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Images courtesy: unsplash.com, Jacqueline Gubiani

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