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Fashion News | Joseph Tassoni Takes Us to a Winter Garden Fantasy

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Patricia Ferreira

Last week, I was able to attend Joseph Tassoni’s 2018 Fall/ Winter collection debut at Toronto Women’s Fashion Week. This beautiful collection was inspired by Joseph’s “Canadian queen”, aptly named Winter Garden, Colours Frozen in Time. To me, the pops of bright colours that he used in his collection reminded me of spring and the little signs of spring that we start to see in February and March, that give us hope that spring will emerge sooner than we think.  After the show I was able to speak with Joseph privately at his after party for a few moments to express how much I loved his collection, especially the long beautiful silk robes that he created.

Here are five of my favourite looks from the show.

My absolute favourite piece from the show as I expressed earlier were these luxurious robes. They were long, flowy, elegant, and almost felt Geisha inspired. This piece and its different colour variations were definitely the hit of the show; the ladies modelling these pieces looked like winter princesses graciously floating down the runway.

This next piece was ‘out there’ in terms of colour and style, but I adored it. Not many people gravitate towards mustard yellow, but it is one of my favourite colours to experiment with, because it’s not something that everyone would include in their wardrobe. It takes someone with a willingness to go out of their comfort zone to pull off a look like this, and everything about this coat screams yes to me. Also – a little fur detailing never hurt anyone!

I am in love with this coat, the gold trim of the inside and outside of the jacket compliments the royal blue fur and dress very beautifully. You can also notice on the jacket itself little speckles of blue and gold intertwined together, it’s almost as if it sparkles at you. Definitely one of those statement jackets that can be worn out on a luxurious night on the town when you feel like dressing up and making yourself feel like a beautiful ice goddess.

This next piece gives me a very traditional European vibe. Oversized articles of clothing are a very good way to pull together an outfit. This coat takes centre stage of the outfit and is clearly a focal point. Everything from colour to shape is being maximized here to give us a city meets winter Garden look.

Out of all the other pieces I saw at Joseph’s show, this was the one that I feel played coy to the theme he was portraying. Instead of featuring a pop of colour on the external part of the piece he decided to add the colour on the inside of the coat. It was a nice touch to a very neutral outfit.

If you would like to learn more about Joseph Tassoni and check out his story/designs, visit his website or Instagram!

Did you attend Fashion Week in Toronto? Let us know in the comments!

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Images courtesy Toronto Women’s Fashion Week.

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