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Summer Music Festivals: What to Wear

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Jacqueline Gubiani

August might be around the corner, but there’s still plenty to do before September. Whether you’re going to Osheaga, Boots & Hearts, Veld, or another festival this month, be sure to look the part by packing these items in your getaway bag. 

The Worn-in Sneakers

Given the dust, dirt, and high chance of getting accidentally stepped on in the crowd, you’re better off leaving your brand-new kicks at home. You’ll be less concerned about ruining your trusty worn-in sneakers, such as an old pair of Keds or weathered Stan Smiths—which are okay to get a little dirtier.

The Denim Cutoffs

Denim cut-offs are a staple festival bottom, and there are many washes and styles to choose from. Some pairs fit loosely around the thighs, with fraying bottoms to give them a lived-in look. There are retro pairs in acid wash; nineties-inspired shorts sit high on your hips; and classic cuffed Levi’s look good on everyone. You’ll have no trouble finding a flattering pair for you.

The Summer Hat

August is hot, and an easy way to keep your head from overheating and your scalp from getting sunburnt is with a hat. Whether it’s wool or straw, wide-brimmed or fedora, a hat is the final touch and excellent accessory for an Instagram-worthy festival outfit.

The Band Tee

Everyone knows the band tee is the ultimate status symbol for concerts and festivals. Whether the shirt depicts your parents’ favourite band, one of the artists performing, or it’s simply your all-around favourite musician, this shirt shows off your musical chops and verifies your taste—an important look for any festival-goer.

The best part about packing the concert tee: it looks great with many of the items on this list. Pair it with frayed cut offs and kicks, and you have one outfit already planned.

The Fun Sunnies

Sunglasses are a necessary accessory. When you’re outside all day, you don’t want to watch the band through squinted eyes. Now is the perfect time to have fun and wear a pair you may normally avoid—like the tiny sunglasses or heart-shaped frames. Have fun with it!

You can always stick with your favourites instead though, opting for sunglasses that look great on every face shape.

Designer wallets are a bonus item that make traveling easy during the weekend. Keep your main cards and phone in a slim wallet, like this Givenchy leather card holder. You can get designer accessories for less, looking chic and smart, whether you’re grabbing drinks or buying merch.


What do you wear to a summer music festival? Let us know in the comments!

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