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Sunglasses for Every Face Shape

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Jacqueline Gubiani

Summer and sunnies go together like PB&J, but finding those perfect shades can feel like an overwhelming challenge.

If you’re looking for new shades this summer or just trying to figure out which ones best highlight your features, use our guide below to find the most flattering shades for your face shape.


While the ‘pilot’s glasses’ were first designed in WWI for—you guessed it—pilots, there’s no doubt it’s a staple model in almost everyone’s wardrobes. The aviator’s tear drop shape is clean and simple, which is why it works on almost every face shape. For those with fuller faces, or who just aren’t fans of the traditional cut, there are modified versions which include angular lines and square edges.


The sharp, winged edge of this feline shape complements faces with prominent angles, as the frame’s striking details soften the face while strengthening the jaw line. Its upward curves and rounded lenses naturally draw the eye up, creating a softness in otherwise hard facial features.

Those with wide jawlines and narrow chins—think diamond, and heart-shaped faces—are well-suited to cat eye frames.


Oversized Squares

Bigger is better. The clean, straight edges of enlarged square frames are ideal for people with round faces, full cheekbones, and a narrow forehand and chin. Their exaggerated size balances soft features while enhancing the face’s natural shape,making it appear longer and slimmer. These frames add structure to defined features—think of it as adding contour without using a makeup palette.

If oversized is your preferred frame, look to Designer Swap’s designer sunglasses on sale, like the Roberto Cavalli frames below.


Retro Rounded

Round frames best complement oval face shapes and those with square jaws. For a well-fitted pair, try on frames with a round shape that’s proportionate to the width of your own face. These shades look best when they extend past the widest part of the face: If you have a larger face, wear larger frames.

Unlike oversized square frames, the lack of hard angles found in round frames softens the face, balancing your shape without exaggerating natural features. 


Wayfarers, like aviators, are a timeless sunglass model. While these frames complement just about everyone, they look especially distinct on people with round faces.

Smartly placed wayfarers give the appearance of faux cheekbones. The frames’ sharp edges and upward slope accentuates the face’s natural features and reduce any roundness of the face for a fitted look.

What are your favourite sunglasses to wear? Let us know in the comments!

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Images courtesy unsplash.com, Jacqueline Gubiani

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