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Winter Hairstyles to Try This Season

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Jacqueline Gubiani

We will not let hat hair take over this season. We’re still going to make sure our hair looks great! For long hair or short, whether you’re going out skating or heading to a holiday party, we’ve got a style for you to try this winter.

Low Ballet Bun

Wear your hair up—but make it cute. The ballet bun is a chic, gentle look perfect for those days where you want your hair back but in a way that looks elegant.

Comb hair through to even out any odd pieces before pulling it into a low bun. Once it’s tied, pull a few tendrils loose, about one-inch sections, to soften your frame.

You can make this hairstyle a little more fun by foregoing the standard elastic band for a velvet scrunchie.


Double French Plaits

When a traditional ponytail just won’t cut it, double French braids are a great alternative, especially if you’re just running errands on a Saturday. This looks is surprisingly regal yet fun, and all you need to do is French braid your hair.

Girls with super long hair can add a modern twist and combine both braids together at the end. Those with short hair can wrap the ends into little buns.

Padded Headband and Sleek Locks

The soft texture of a thick, velvet headband is made that much cozier when it comes in royal winter colours—navy, emerald, and red—which are rich for winter. For a timeless look, straighten hair and leave it brushed behind your shoulders. You can either leave your hair parted down the middle, placing the headband on top and behind your ears, or comb it back so the headband slides over where your part normally is.

This look works for a day at the office and seamlessly transitions to happy hour drinks.

Tousled Bob

Just because it’s not summer doesn’t mean you can’t wear beachy waves. If you have natural waves, apply texturing cream to bring out the relaxed curl. If you have straighter hair, use a thick barrel curling iron to create relaxed waves, then run a round brush—or your fingers—though freshly curled hair to soften the look.

Hold the curls in place with texturizing hair spray.

Top Knot

The classic top knot can be worn two ways: sleek and sophisticated or casual and messy. An elegant top knot is perfect for a glamorous holiday party, while a messy top knot gives off an après-ski cool girl look.

The best part about this updo: It’s easy to do when you don’t have a lot of time to curl or straighten your mane.

Pearly Accessories

Hair accessories don’t have to make a loud statement. Pearl clips and bobby pins add a dainty touch that fits into a myriad of tresses.

Weave it through braided hair or make it the accent piece in a top knot. These pins work for hair of any length, lending a petite, shiny aesthetic to a super feminine look.

Rolled Ends

Those with a “lob” will love this hairstyle, and it adds a playful touch to straight or relaxed hair. As your straightening your hair, roll the ends of your mane in towards your neck, using either the straightener or curling iron.

Keep the rolls in place with a mist of hairspray.

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Which hair style will you try? Let us know in the comments!

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Images courtesy: pexels.com, Jacqueline Gubiani

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