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Our Closet Concierge offers a wide range of services to fit your closet, wardrobe and image needs!

Your time is the utmost importance. Your image is powerful. Let Closet Concierge revamp your closet, style and shop for you. Restoring your time will ultimately enhance your lifestyle!
Please submit all Closet Concierge inquires to linh@designerswap.ca.
The process starts with a consultation with a Wardrobe Editor. Together you will discuss your wardrobe needs, your wardrobe goals and your desired image. The Wardrobe Editor will then assess your closet space with you and identify the best possible organization solution.
Based on the information provided from the consultation and the size of your closet, the process may take anywhere from a few hours to a full day. Average time for closet editing is approximately 2-4 hours.
What most of you may not know, there are efficient ways to organize your closet. There are tips and tricks to maintain your closet as well as ways to handle specific materials and fabrics. Our Wardrobe Editors educate clients on closet management and maintenance, as well as which types of materials and fabrics need to be folded or hung.

You may not have to throw away your favourite clothes. Any items that no longer fit you, we alter and mend the clothing for a perfect fit again. If there are any items you would like to receive some money back, we have an online consignment boutique where we can sell your designer items for you. Depending on the designer, if the pieces do not meet the DS requirements, we will be happy to donate your belongings for you.
We offer personal styling, image consulting, personal shopping, consignment/donation pick up, alterations, personalized look books and maintenance programs. With our services, we are happy to customized packages to provide them while working towards your needs and budget! Everyone deserves to be pampered!
Our most popular package includes Closet Organization, Personal Styling and Personal Shopping services in one whole process. This entire process help you freshen up your current image. We start will your closet and help you de-clutter the space, keeping items that currently works for your body type, features and fashion trends.

Our Personal Stylist will then style you with various outfits in your closet. Our personal shoppers then take you shopping to find new and trendy pieces to incorporate with your outfits for a complete and fresh look. This entire process depends on your image goals by helping you create your own personal style.
No, you do not need to do the entire process. Every client is different and has different needs. In the initial consultation, we will learn more about you and goals and our Wardrobe Editors will then provide a customized package.

However, through our experiences, we highly recommend that you do the whole process as wanting to have a new image, it starts with your current wardrobe and closet and ends with shopping for new and trendy pieces to add to it!
There are many misconceptions about fashion trends and having to dress to impress. The only person you should be dressing for is yourself. Our Personal Stylist will help discover various ways to complement your body type and features. When you look good, you feel good! Our goal is to help you get there by boosting your confidence with the simple tricks of how and what to wear.

We believe in saving you time. Trying to find an outfit for a specific event can be quite stressful. Our Personal Stylist can help you put together outfits for any social event. Whether it’s work, a night out or a special occasion, let our Stylists put together outfits from your closet that reflect the best version of you!
Our Personal Shoppers can help you find the missing piece to complete full looks. We do all the work for you by “pre-shopping” to find the perfect missing pieces while making most of your budget. Not ready to shop yet? No problem! Our Shoppers can take you “for fun shopping” to help guide you in finding new and trendy clothing and accessories made perfectly for you. Our goal is to take the stress a way of finding these missing gems and finding it for you while making the process of shopping a lot more gratifying.

Do you not have enough time to go shopping? Let us shop for you while you spend your time on family, friends or other leisure doings. Don’t worry, you will still learn the simple tricks of how and what to wear!

We love consignment.

We’re proudly Canadian, selling 100% authentic luxury clothing & accessories. 

Purchase designer consignment items at reduced prices. Browse for more consignment handbags and clothing resale!

Consign with us!

Sell your gently-used luxury items with Designer Swap. 

To get started, simply send us photos and a description of your items. For more info, click here


If you require any further details then please contact us at info@designerswap.ca

We’ll get back to you within 2 business days.

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