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Go-to Summer Fabric: Linen

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Jacqueline Gubiani

During scorching summer months, you want to wear something that makes you look 100 without feeling like you’re 100 degrees. Light and breezy—linen is a fabric designed for summer.

Why Linen?

This breathable material is perfect for traveling in a hot climate—or just getting through a hot summer day. It boasts a seriously high level of coolness—for both your body temperature and wardrobe—thanks to natural fibres and a billowy fabric structure.

Linen is designed to stay away from your skin. 

What It’s Made Of

Those interested in sustainable textiles will be pleased to know it’s a green fabric with a long shelf life. If you don’t currently own linen clothes, this material will soon become a permanent fixture in your wardrobe. 

Linen originates from the resilient flax plant, is highly absorbent, and a good heat conductor. Linen’s molecular structure absorbs one fifth of its weight before feeling damp, feeling cool to the touch and quickly removing perspiration on the wearer. Its natural weave reflects heat, and its flax fibres create better airflow, so you can move comfortably throughout your day.

How to Wear It

The fabric originates in shades of tan or gray and is easily dyed to the colours we see today. Its lived-in feel looks cozy without appearing sloppy, thanks to a natural wrinkleness—a sign of high-quality fabric hard to find in other textiles—which effortlessly complements any item in your wardrobe.

Pair linen pants with a crop or tank top create a cool party vibe, styling it with second hand designer clothes, like Designer Swap’s newest find below. A linen blazer over a cotton tee creates a classy yet nonchalant look.

Whether it comes as a skirt, pair of trousers, or high waisted shorts, linen is a great alternative to keep you comfortable all summer long.

Do you wear any linen pieces in your summer wardrobe? Let us know in the comments!

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