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Men’s Style Guide | Running Shoes Endorsed by Top Athletes

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Anh Pham

As you can see by some of my past blogs, I love watching sports and cheering on some of the best players out there, whether they play in Toronto or not. This includes not only watching their stats, but also reviewing what they wear on and off the court!

Running shoes are a big part of a player’s outfit for training and during a game. Since they have great affect on the player’s performance, we’re sure they have put many brands and styles to the test. A brand endorsement or collaboration by a top athlete is their way of saying, “this one’s good.” So, if you are in the market for some new shoes, take a look at what these athletes have their names on!

RBK SC87 – Sidney Crosby

I recently watched the Penguins destroy the Leafs in a hockey game and one of the biggest reasons was because of Sidney Crosby. As painful as it was to watch, there is no denying Crosby and his talent. As a result, I wanted to review some of the products and brands he supports.

Crosby now has his own shoe line with Reebok under the codename RBKSC87, which he considers casual and simple – it is a seamless transition from the trainer’s room to the streets. The footwear also features a low cut design which adds mobility for exercises needed in the gym to perform strong on the ice.

Under Armour – Stephen Curry

As Curry is on the verge to becoming the next Michael Jordan, he is someone to keep an eye on when looking at new running shoes. What does this all-star player wear to stay strong on the courts? Crosby only supports a specific style in Reebok however Curry has a whole line dedicated to him. The Curry 2 was the top selling runners for Under Armour. Revenue was so strong that the brand is now recognized on a global scale – they even brought Curry out on a trip to China to launch their line.

Air Jordans – Michael Jordan

Created in 1985 by Michael Jordan, the Air Jordan shoes continue to go strong in style today. The shoes are owned and produced for Michael Jordan by Nike’s Jordan Brand subsidiary.  From 1985 to 2016, the Air Jordan version 31 was unveiled. The runners has a leather upper and both a Nike air swoosh and a jump man.  Just like Curry, there are multiple colours you can choose from depending on your style but there is no doubt that Michael Jordan is still dominating after retirement.

Nike – Kobe Bryant

Another great basketball player has stepped down from the NBA and has entered retirement. As tough as it is to not see him on the court anymore, he continues his legacy through his shoes. He recently launched the Nike Kobe Mentality II. Every detail on the shoe serves a specific purpose geared towards the physical demands Bryant was faced with. Like Curry’s shoe, this is a lightweight, low top design for stability and cushioning while optimizing range of ankle motion.

Designer swap is focused on always getting the best for our clients. What did you think of our list? Would you buy these endorsed products? Let us know in the comment box below!

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Images courtesy of styledemocracy.com; 2015airjordans.com; Rapzilla.com

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